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Manufacture of food products


Manufacture of construction products, ceramic and glass


Cement, lime and plaster

Earthenware bricks and profiles

Works in concrete or plaster

Ceramic tiles

Extraction and processing of sand and gravel

Extraction and processing of stones and marble

Ceramic products other than for use in construction industries

Work in stone

Diverse mineral products

Glass and glass items

Cement Derivatives


Manufacture of mechanicals and basic metals



Manufacture of tubes

Transformation of steel



Non-Ferrous Metals

Forging. stamping. Metallurgy of powder metals

Treatment of metals

Metal construction structures and hardware

Works in metal

Equipment manufacturing

Automobile Industries

Naval Construction

Motorcycles and bicycles



Manufacture of electric and electronic equipment


Wires, insulated cables and cable bundles

Home electronics

Electrical Motors, generators and transformers

Accumulators and batteries

Lamps, lighting and other electrical equipment

Electric distribution and command controls

Electronic components

Office machines and computer equipment

Emission and transmission equipment

Industrial processes equipment and controls

Electrical apparatuses motors and vehicles

Home appliances



Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products

Basic chemical industries

Pharmaceutical industries

Paints, glues, resins and inks

Plastics industries

Rubber and tires Industries

Agrochemical products

Soaps, detergents, cleaning products, perfumes and cosmetics

Petroleum refining

Other chemical products (essential oils, industrial gases, explosives)

Manufacture of textile and wearing apparel



Fabric making



Manufacture of fabric and knitted wear

Other textile industries


Manufacture of wood and wood products

Saw Milling, planing and impregnation of wood

Building joinery and carpentry items

Wood panels and parcel board

Wood pallets and crates

Diverse objects in wood

Works in cork, straw or weaving materials

Furniture and furnishings from all materials

Manufacture of leather and footwear

Processing and tanning of hides Processing and tanning of hides

Shoes and shoe uppers

Luggage, handbags and leather accessories

Clothing in leather

Other manufacturing


Paper pulp, paper and cartons

Articles in paper or carton



Toys and Games

Other diverse Industries